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Peacetown Agreement

The Occupy Sebastopol Peacetown Agreement

From the General Assembly of Occupy Sebastopol - Resolved 11/18/2011

We, the activists involved in the Occupy Sebastopol effort, have come to feel that the issue of permits and sleeping overnight in tents in our town square park is creating unnecessary friction with our city government and some members of our community.  We believe that our community supports the protest of the Occupy Movement and that it is important to focus on the core issues and free expression of Occupy Sebastopol and not be distracted or conflicted by the issue of a camping permit.

Occupy Sebastopol is standing up to express that the political and economic system of our society and government is not acceptable, that the class warfare of economic injustice, environmental degradation and the corruption of our government by the 1% needs to end.  We are standing up and will not end this peaceful legal protest until real change comes.

We also believe in being the change we want to see.  Our rights to free speech, to assemble and to petition our government are core principles which we will not compromise.  Tents have been part of that symbolic speech but we do not want to create a conflict with our police department, Council or community.  Therefore, in the spirit of our progressive city naming itself Peacetown USA two years ago, we offer this Occupy Sebastopol Peacetown Agreement with the hope that it can be used as a model of cooperation for cities elsewhere.

We require that Occupy Sebastopol be permitted to retain a protest presence indefinitely in the form of protest tables, educational resources and a tent enclosure such as the white pop-up tent that currently serves this purpose to protect these resources form the elements  We request notice of two working days if the City decides to evict this tent to give us significant time to file a federal appeal on our First Amendment rights.  We also intend to form an intergovernmental working group and request that the City Council recognizes and agrees to provide liaisons to work with this group.

In return we will disband all sleeping tents within 48 hours and agree not to have people sleep in the park.  We will also continue to obey all applicable park regulations and not interfere in any way with the normal community uses for this park.