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Chase CVS Protest

Stop Chase Bank and CVS Pharmacy from Moving Downtown!!!


OccupySebastopoland community members will be protesting the CVS/Chase project proposed on the corner of Highway 12 and 116. The majority of the community has not supported this project. The Design Review Board, Planning Commission, and City Council have all voted against this project. It is still an issue because of the persistence of CVS, Chase, and Armstrong Development. To be successful in stopping this project, we must also be persistent.


All are welcome and encouraged to join us at 3pm on Thursday the 24th to protest CVS and Chase moving downtown. After meeting in the plaza we will move to the corner of hwy 12/116 where we will peacefully demonstrate against this project.


Let the city council know how you feel on Tuesday the 29th. Let the DRB know how you feel on Wednesday the 30th(THIS IS POSSIBLY THE FINAL MEETING WHERE A DECISION WILL BE MADE; IMPORTANT TO ATTEND)


  • This project is bad for traffic, local business, andSebastopol’s character.
  • CVS has payed out almost half a billion dollars to settle various lawsuits and fines, ranging from illegal labor practices and deceptive business practices, to racketeering, corruption, and the mishandling of toxic waste.
  • JP Morgan Chase received $94.7 billion in bail-out funds, of which $64 billion is still on the backs of tax payers. Chase is among the leaders in home foreclosures and is under investigation by the New York State Attorney General over allegations of its fraudulent foreclosure practices. They are now under investigation by the FBI and SEC regarding their recent loss of 3 billion dollars.


Do these two corporations seem like the kind of businesses and neighbors we want in our community, at the heart of our town? If not, join us on Thursday.

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