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OWS – Report from New York

OWS – Report from New York
by Sonoma County’s own, Michael Levitin, 

an early participant at Occupy Wall Street who 
helped start the Occupied Wall Street Journal.

Michael will discuss the role of independent press in the Occupy Movement and how citizen/journalists can contribute. We will hear a first-hand account of what happened early on at OWS and what is currently going on there as he tells about trends, growth and conflicts within the movement ahead of big spring actions.

Michael graduated from Forestville’s El Molino High School in 1994 and went on to study journalism. He now lives in New York City and is deeply involved with Occupy, using his journalistic background to give voice to the movement at the Occupied Wall Street Journal.

This conversation is especially timely as a new bilingual publication is about to be launched, the Occupied Press–North Bay / Prensa Ocupada – Bahía Norte. There, citizen journalists will reflect the ideas and stories of the 99%. 

Friday, March 16, 6:30pm
Arlene Francis Center
99 6th Street, Old Railroad Square, Santa Rosa
all are welcome – donations accepted
Please support the newspaper online. 
Got to: indiegogo.com, type Occupied Press in the search.
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