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RSO is short for Rick-Simpson-Oil, oil that is made from buds of the 
Hemp plant. So it’s very concentrated cannabis medication. People swear by 
it, as it appears to have healing effects that are much better, than those of 
usually prescribed drugs. How to make rso. Yet a lot of doctors think otherwise. The discus-sion about the so-called »big Pharma« rises; legalisation of this plant is re-considered across the world; but does it really help? Who is the creator? 
Does he have any proof?
Rick Simpson provides instructions and medication on Hemp oil since 
2003. But his Cannabis oil journey starts a little earlier. In 1997 he worked 
as an engineer in a Canadian hospital. There, he suffered from an accident, 
which left him with a few injuries, such as a permanent Tinnitus and other 
pains. Prescribed drugs from his doctor didn’t help, sometimes they made 
his suffering worse. After learning, that Cannabis has been used throughout 
human history to heal and medicate people – in addition paper and textiles 
can be created with hemp, which makes it even more attractive –, he started 
experimenting with Cannabis. After successfully creating the concentrated 
Hemp oil, now known as RSO, he started treating himself. And it worked! 
He healed his injuries much better and more efficiently than any prescribed 
medicine he ever received.

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The doctors, as you would expect, weren’t convinced. But at this point 
Rick Simpson would have another chance to convince them. In 2003 doc-
tors discovered small bumps on Rick Simpson’s arm. No doubt: skin cancer. 
Rick Simpson decided to treat the cancer himself, since he had heard from a 
study from the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, which found out that 
Cannabis killed cancer cells in mice. He applied his concentrated oil on a 
bandage and left it on the bumps for several days. Four days later, he remo-
ved the bandage – the cancerous growth had disappeared! Though, his doc-
tor’s still didn’t believe him, he believed in the healing effects on Cannabis. 
People who suffered from cancer heard about Rick Simpson, asked him for 
help and he provided the oil, taking no money from his customers.

There are countless studies, that support the healing properties of Hemp, 
nevertheless many doctors just don’t support them, just as they don’t believe 
Rick Simpson. RSO oil cancer. Nevertheless, people still got his medicine instead of the 
drugs they got in pharmacies; so the word about RSO spread and as a result 
of this fame, Simpson’s home was raided multiple times by the police, 
thousands of home grown plants confiscated, cut down, destroyed, as Can-
nabis wasn’t legal and a very difficult and confusing topic to handle. Now, 
Hemp isn’t completely illegal in Canada and many other countries started to 
1reconsider the laws surrounding Cannabis. Some completely legalise Hemp, 
others legalise it for medical use only. 
Now, as the health benefits of Hemp are pretty obvious, the question still 
remains: How do you produce it? You can, of course, buy it, but you can 
also do it yourself! Rick Simpson published a step by step guide on how to 
make RSO. As it is quite lengthy, I summarised it below.

What you need: 
- 1 pound of dried cannabis material (indica strain) 
- 2 gallons of solvent – 99% isopropyl alcohol (can also use butane, 
ethanol, or other solvent) 
- 5-gallon bucket 
- A deep bowl 
- Wooden spoon for stirring 
- Cheesecloth 
- Rice cooker 
- Plastic catheter tip syringe (60ml) 

(This recipe produces 60 grams of oil for a 90-day treatment. If you requi-
re less, just divide the ingredients.)

First of all, place the dry cannabis into the 5-gallon bucket and pour in the 
solvent, until the plant is covered. 
Then you need to stir and crush the plant with the wooden spoon, whilst 
adding more of the solvent. Keep stirring for three more minutes. Doing 
that, around 80% of THC will dissolve into the solvent. 
After that, drain the solvent from the plant into your bowl. Use the 
cheesecloth to keep the plant inside the bucket. Add more solvent to the 
plant in the bucket and stir for another three minutes. 
Drain the solvent again using the cheesecloth. The plant can be thrown 
away, keep the solvent. 
Now, put the solvent into the rice cooker until it’s about three quarters 
full. Turn it on and wait. A rice cooker is efficient to use, as its temperature 
is steady and not too hot. A temperature of 148 degrees Celsius will burn 
your mixture and it will be unusable. So the rice cooker should be set to a 
temperature of 100 to 110 degrees Celsius (210 and 230 degrees 
As the rice cooker heats up and parts of the solvent evaporate keep adding 
more of your mixture. Note, that you need to keep the rice cooker in a well-
ventilated area and far away from flames, as the solvent is easily combusti-
Once the solvent evaporated, fill your syringe with it. You can dose the 
RSO easily that way. If the RSO is too thick, run the syringe under hot water 
beforehand. Bad reaction to weed. This will make siphoning the oil into the syringe easier. 
Using RSO is a little bit tricky: Usually you should consult your doctor 
first about starting a new treatment regiment, but some doctors don’t believe 
in the healing properties of Hemp, as described above. Rick Simpson pu-
blished his own treatment regiment. 
One patient should gradually consume 60 grams of RSO in 90 days. So 
you start out your first week with three doses every day, each drop should be 
the size of a grain of rice; weeks 2 through 5 you should double the dose 
every four days; weeks 5 through 12 you take one gram of RSO, which are 
around 9 drops per day every eight hours. 


Best Backpacks Vacuum Cleaners

What you don’t know about vacuum cleaners

What else can keep your room floor sparkling clean if not vacuum cleaners? Of course, they are so effective in cleaning, that even the tiniest hair-like particles are picked up instantly. Not that they only super-clean your room; they save you from stress and make you keep to time. You won’t spend the whole day doing a thorough cleaning.

Despite their mind-blowing cleaning ability, they’re metals weighing in multi-kilograms. That’s why some of them are not carried about while cleaning. This is one of the cons that discredit them from being portable. However, with the rise of innovations, a generation of vacuum cleaners with more pros than cons have already flooded the market to help both domestic and commercial users work with much ease. Their portability is no longer in question because most of them are light-weighted and can be carried about while cleaning.

Still on their pros; they come with backpacks so that you can carry it about. Don’t worry about the stress of weight, they’re light and portable.

Here are a few things you should know about backpack vacuum cleaners before you make your best selection out there.  Let’s begin:

  • HEPA filtration

There is nothing as cozy as a room with fresh air, charming-neatness and no odor. That’s why you have to go for the best backpack vacuum cleaners with HEPA filtration system. High-Efficiency Particulate Air filtration system removes microscopic particulates and leftover odors, thereby keeping a cleaner air good even for your body system.

  • Get Essential Accessories and Attachment

Go for backpack vacuum cleaners that are flexible and extensible. These ones are compatible with important accessories and attachments. With the accessories, vacuum cleaners become extensible, performing different jobs such as cleaning different floor surfaces and even reaching the ceiling to clean it.

  • Is it bagged?

Before you lay your hands on a new backpack vacuum cleaner, you’ll have to decide whether to go for the backpack bagged or bag-less ones.  Either of them has pros and cons. If you will opt for bagged cleaners, get ready to spend on vacuum bags. They are pretty expensive, and they are not eco-friendly. However, backpacked vacuum cleaners have excellent ability to trap dust and debris and you don’t need filter maintenance.

Aside from the aforementioned details, bag-less cleaners are an alternative choice if you have planned to spend little. It’s really cost-effective because you don’t have to buy vacuum bags. At the other hand, you just have to be cleaning the filters for optimum performance. So get ready, to keeping replacing the filter periodically.


There are more to what you ought to know about vacuum cleaners, and there are new generations of them that will still hit the market. But for now; we have a download of suitable durable vacuum backpacks that are higher than other backpacked cleaners in the scale of quality.

See backpack vacuum cleaners that are functionally versatile and make your choice today.


Apple Blossom Parade 4/21

Join Occupy Sebastopol to march in the Apple Blossom Parade. All are welcome. Meet between 8 and 10 am on Morris St. OS will be marching in section 3 (14). If you can't find us, people in red vests can direct you to us. The parade starts at ten and lasts till noon, the actual marching time is about 30 minutes. This should be a really good time and a great opportunity for community outreach!


April 7th Occupy Santa Rosa Spring Awakening

(Don't miss this one!)
For six months, Sonoma County occupations have been standing up in solidarity with OWS as part of the Occupy Movement. In 2012 we will take back our wealth and our country from the 1%. Join us for this family freindly event in the Courthouse Square, in Santa Rosa to kick off the American Spring.

1:00 Pally and festival with music and speakers. Egg hunt and kids GA for children

2:30 Parade for the 99%

3:00 General Assembly- Get family with our consensus based decision making process. Bring ideas and be heard, come to listen and learn, or both.

4:00 Rockuppy- Live music to celebrate the 99%


OWS Report from New York

OWS – Report from New York
by Sonoma County’s own, Michael Levitin, 

an early participant at Occupy Wall Street who 
helped start the Occupied Wall Street Journal.

Michael will discuss the role of independent press in the Occupy Movement and how citizen/journalists can contribute. We will hear a first-hand account of what happened early on at OWS and what is currently going on there as he tells about trends, growth and conflicts within the movement ahead of big spring actions.

Michael graduated from Forestville’s El Molino High School in 1994 and went on to study journalism. He now lives in New York City and is deeply involved with Occupy, using his journalistic background to give voice to the movement at the Occupied Wall Street Journal.

This conversation is especially timely as a new bilingual publication is about to be launched, the Occupied Press–North Bay / Prensa Ocupada – Bahía Norte. There, citizen journalists will reflect the ideas and stories of the 99%. 

Friday, March 16, 6:30pm
Arlene Francis Center
99 6th Street, Old Railroad Square, Santa Rosa
all are welcome – donations accepted
Please support the newspaper online. 
Got to: indiegogo.com, type Occupied Press in the search.

Sonoma County Daily Attacks Occupy Movement

Sonoma County Daily Attacks Occupy Movement


By Shepherd Bliss
February 3, 2012

The Press Democrat's Feb. 1 editorial “Occupy Movement in Ashes” is wishful thinking. Our phoenix will rise during this month. You wait. You watch. You see.

Occupy is still an infant, having been born in New York Sept. 17 with Occupy Wall Street. It is not even five months old and already the local daily tries to editorialize it into ashes. Rumors of our death are premature. We have made mistakes, including in Oakland. We’re learning and experiencing what one activist calls “growing pains.” Provoked by police violence in Oakland, a few cornered occupiers among the 2000 present reacted. That has not happened here. The Sonoma County Occupy Town Hall Affinity Group--of which I am a member--opposes violence, as do the overwhelming majority of Occupy groups and individuals.

I do, however, respect the right of self-defense by those cornered by the police. As Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "Violence is the voice of the unheard."  And as President John F. Kennedy said at a 1962 speech at the White House, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

What would you do when surrounded by a large group of armed, masked, threatening, charging, and rioting armored men? I praise the brave souls willing to face such police violence. As one occupier wondered, “What’s next? Live ammunition?”

Punishing people in a democracy should be the job of the courts, not the police, which Oakland police are notorious for doing. They fan the flames.

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